about me

janiene julia farquharson

I’m Janiene – a 23-year-old writer and editor. I’m a major fan of sci-fi, animation, and Netflix Originals. On the last day of 2020 my friend casually suggested I start a blog where I talk about all things television, something I spend a lot of time (binge) watching. I ran with it, and here we are (though I do mostly write about the many books I read on here)!

In the midst of finishing my final year at university, I decided to start turning my many, many opinions into articles and started writing for Reclamation Magazine. A few months later I started editing for Ta Voix Digital Publishing too. I’ve also written for Sick Love Zine and for Bad Form Review.

I’ve written about the the historical Fat Acceptance movement, my experience with mental health issues, and other topics of major importance to me. When I’m not pondering all that is wrong with the world, watching television and reading books act as forms of escapism for me.